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TRIO - Roll Around ep

Trio is the name of Kousuke Ishida. He started to compose at sixteen years old. His sound reflects the deepness that he experienced in his life and that we find in the Japanese culture. His DJ style is influenced by the old school, from the deep side of Chicago house to the Detroit techno etc He also organizes parties in Tokyo-Japan playing alongside several important DJs and musicians. Alongside former piano teacher Yuka Kobayashi he is also the producer behind Bocca Grande, giving an high value to the classic piano and mixing it with a melancholic deep vibe. They produced for labels like Mathematics (Chicago), Four Roses (Germany), Nice and Smooth(Canada), Futic silver (Tokyo). The tunes have been getting huge responses since played out by Motor City Drum Ensemble during his guest slot at Tim Sweeney's legendary "Beats in Space" into the radio show in New York, and also their composition are featured in Mercedes-Benz mixed tape 28. Rebirth signs the Roll Aournd EP, full expression of Trio music ! Driven Space is a ravey composition, reminiscent of good old day: Filtered 90's synth sound with vigorous rolling drums and delayed guitars. Italian masters Ajello produce another fantastic rework using the main ingredients combined to their disco sound ! Roll, with the use of Taiko (Japanese ancient percussion) , a rolling bassline and Jazzy samples create a good groove. Cloddish Sky is evocative of the changing process from a Cloudy Sky to a Sunny one...and you can imagine it ! Definitely an Artist to watch!

1. Cloddish Sky  
2. Driven Space (Ajello remix) 
3. Driven Space (original mix) 
4. Roll